Ninth Street

by Harry Liu

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These tracks are the culmination of a couple years of work, smiles and laughter from friends from all places, and the support of a very special person. I hope you pick out the love, life, and thoughts in the songs you're about to hear.


released May 21, 2017

Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Synth, Vocals, Drums: Harry Liu
Electric Guitar: Wei Yan
Artwork: Carmen Leung


all rights reserved



Harry Liu California

Singer-songwriter from Bay Area, CA. Vibes. Grooves. Jams. Let's go.

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Track Name: Weight
heartbreak, that's the first that you'll take
to understand the weight of this world.
the weight of this world,
you'll never know.

mistakes, promised me that you'll make
to love me and to learn how to leave.
to learn how to go,
i've always been told.

love yourself enough to know that love can win this war.
it's not the first time. it's not the last time.
but what's good is good indeed.
Track Name: Paper Clouds
as I come home and my journey concludes
I find myself thinking of you.
I step on the porch, put my hands on the door,
rack my brain for the life that we knew.

the memories are there but the room is bare.
how could this emptiness fill up my hurt?
the floorboards creak to the sound of the beat
of the clock that once watched us sleep.

and heavy is rain that pours down when it's cold.
don't close off the window to your heart,
the sun'll make it home.
the sun'll make it home.

and the paper clouds, they don't have to blow away.
for you and me, they'll still find a place to stay.
i keep my wind chimes near when your cloud flies here.
don't worry, this cloudy sky will clear, this cloudy sky will clear.

i still remember that day in september
when you told me you were to leave.
that heart in the corner that we drew together.
now i see that one half is gone.

it's been five years and the weather has changed.
pretty sure your cloud's outta sight.
but after the rain, it's always new life.
I think another cloud's passing by.
Track Name: Can't You See
you know this day is for two people.
you know this life is meant to be.
and i can't forsee the future
but i know it's you and me.
yeah i know it's you and me.
oh baby can't you see.

days into weeks, weeks into months,
months into pages I can't fill up fast enough.
and it seems like the back of my pencil
is gone.

i'm trying to stand still, i'm trying to hold on
to things in my mind that i wished i had said.
but when time moves on ahead
i can't.

i'm flipping it once, i'm flipping it twice,
i'm flipping it three times you say that's alright.
you write from the heart, i write from the head
you got me fixed up now i want you so bad.

you're taking the pen, you're making some changes
to the book i've been hiding so long.
as long as you're there for me,
you care for me,
now i'm free.

hold on to the wheel, take a deep breath
live in the moment you don't know what's next.
how can i know how this ends today?

i'm trying to stand still, i'm trying to hold on
to things in my mind that i know hold me back.
but i look across the room and you smile.
Track Name: Ninth Street
clean up these streets, clean up the streets of my mind
oh, girl you just take your time
you know it's true, i'm sometimes no good for you
but don't look at me, look at the man, the man
i want, i want to be

i come by your place round 5
i open the door and i see
you smiling back at me
you pull me with open arms
feels like i've been gone too long
you understand, you hold my hand
you know what i mean when

i always act the fool, i'm never perfect now
i wanna see what's beneath
so meet me on ninth street

we're walking in open air, going to who knows where
we see the clouds part and the sky break
i'm not used to this love you give
you tell me to hold this
your heart in a cup
i, i don't wanna spill but you know that

i'll be a better man
you see the best in me
now i know what's beneath
so meet me on ninth street
Track Name: Do I Know Me
what am i thinking, is my head up in the clouds?
am i in yesterday, is that where i'll lose myself in the crowd?
as always i'm thinking, i'm the hero of my own mind.
but future please love me, i'm naive but i don't know my way

do i know me, do i know me
do i know you, do i know you

i know you try to find me
but please believe i'm trying to find myself
i know it's hard to love me
but just believe and i'll be there
Track Name: Comfort
sit right down at that fireplace
just enough room for some breathing space
time and time again
time is not my friend, it never ends

pull up your blanket to your knees
feel that warm and shallow breeze
keeps you safe and sound
keep it all around

turn off the lights
and say goodnight once more
all i need is you
beside me once more, oh

and that gives me comfort, comfotable
comfort, comfortable
maybe some comfort is all i'm ever asking for

the way your hair falls to the side
the sight of you in every twilight
close your eyes all the way
i'm here to stay

drive, drive away into the night
underneath the dark and spotted sky
lay out all your fears
lay them right here

i start to fade again, letting me go
you pull me back to you
your love aglow
on and on and on is never too far
but all my pain and walls are falling apart
inside your arms
Track Name: Bread and Butter (acoustic)
and i'm sitting on a rock
looking at the sun dance low beneath me
waiting for a soul to come and meet me
anxious, weary, and dry
my restless mind keeps moving passed me by

and i sit still
i think of all the things i want
all the things i think i'll never have
and i'm trying to hit the pause again
is it wrong for me to want a second chance

i wanna find my way back home now
can't you see now

bread and butter
you know best, you know best
how can i be without you loving me red
bread and butter
i hear you calling my name
then you turn around always giving me faith
bread and butter
got my head in the clouds
when i roam too far pulling me to the ground
turn me into gold, something that shines

and sometimes i don't even think
when i wander off the path of green and golden
pull my window down
just enough to hear the sound
of a thousand people saying who they've found
Track Name: Love Ray ft. Wei Yan
future, future's got me on the ground
thinking i should leave without a sound

it's got me trapped
it's got me, got me by the neck
i see the light
turn and run and don't look back

but then you tell me it's okay
you've got me in your love ray

worry, worry makes my head on fire
it's killing me
slowly burning my desire

but you're my rock
and you've got
you've got me in your love ray

gotta get down, got to get down
gotta get down, gotta get down
in your love ray

it's got me hypnotized
it's got me loving you tonight
you've got me in your love ray
Track Name: Hello Friend
hello friend, i haven't seen you here before
how's your heart, is it losing all control?
i gotta say, you're looking all the worse for wear
you hear that voice, i see it whispering in your ear

it goes like, "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh"

love to hate and hate to love yourself sometimes
don't look now, you're leaving all of it behind
give me your ear and i'll give you my silhouette
and tiny shadows dancing in the quiet darkness of your rest

speak the words, the words you know you need to say
i'm listening now, i'll tell you everything's okay
it's not wrong, it's not bad to feel this way
and who you are is not defined by yesterday

it's been years, i know it's been too much to hold
but i love that smile and i love to watch that heart of gold
it's coming out, it's inching closer step by step
just reach for me, only heaven knows what's next
Track Name: Alright (acoustic)
light in the morning hits my eyes
moon, hello and goodbye
i wake up and i tell myself, it's gonna be alright
i wake up and i tell myself, it's gonna be alright

one last look around the room
stretch my legs, throw off the sheets
pour some honey and some tea
i take a breath and tell myself, i've got someone ot be
i take a breath and tell myself, that someone is me

we are people, not always perfect always kind
we can't fight what heaven tells us that we are inside
understand, that in our life there's no rewind
but trust in Him, in Him your joy you'll always find

the door so close that you can reach
turn the knob and be free
let yourself be filled with light and finally peace
let yourself be filled with light and finally see
Track Name: Riding On A Wave
i'm riding on a wave to yesterday
where love and only love it can remain
how do you think i feel, how do you think i feel, how do you think i feel?

two looks to the right i'm in the car
it's got me wondering where the hell you are
my mind's on the run, my mind's on the run, i don't think it's done

i let it wander, wander, wander off
keeping my head down, head down but it's not enough
playing a game of cat and mouse where the mouse just won't give up
i won't lose you to me, i won't lose you to me
i won't lose
i won't lose you now

"thinking out loud" playing on the drive
eyes are open as the day ignites
light of a thousand stars, light of thousand stars, going to where you are

oh baby
oh no, no, no

it's just you and me and me and you
we're dancing 'round the fire
and we said we'd meet at ten
but i'm here and i'm just wondering
where the time you gave me went
where the time you gave me went
where the time you gave me went

where did it all go
was it tell or was it show
will i ever really know
what it meant
i'm riding on a wave

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